The latest 6.0/6.1 version guide of HL Toys RC Tanks (Heng-Long Remote Control Scale Model Tank 6.x series detailed introduction)

The latest 6.0/6.1 version guide of HL Toys RC Tanks (Heng-Long Remote Control Scale Model Tank 6.x series detailed introduction) 1

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General summary of multifunctional motherboard control system. (General summary of Heng-Long Tank 6.0/6.1)

HL. TK – 6.0 version control system is independent research and development by HengLong Hobby, It’s the standard configuration of 1:16 scale modeltank products. The same time also the upgrade HL TK-6.1 version was developed, dedicated to professional enthusiasts for tank model upgrade and transformation.
(HL. TK-6.0/6.1 instruction manual)
(Click to buy Heng-Long 6.0/6.1 RC Tank Series)

2. Optional functions.

  • [ LED lights out put socket ] Fulfilled tank bracking /steering flashing lights functions. (Additional purchase and install.)
  • [ Laser aiming ]:   Fulfilled aim at the target precisely. (Additional purchase and install.)
  • [ Two way servers ]:   Fulfilled cannon realistic up/down lifting & launch recoiling. (Additional purchase and install.)
  • [ WIFI image transmission system ]:   Fulfilled image transmission for location shooting. (Additional purchase and install.)
  • [ Firing flashing light ]:   Simulative realistic firing of the tank. (Additional purchase and install.)
  • [ Auto cannon lifting ]:   Fulfilled tank cannon automatic lift up white spinning. (Prepare for subsequent upgrading)
  • [ Cannon stabilization system ]:   Fulfilled target locked of the tank cannon. (Prepare for subsequent upgrading)

3. Structural function.

  • [ Tracks adjustment ]:   Tank tracks tension adjustable.
HL RC Tanks Turret rotation functions:
  • Fulfilled turret left / right rotation (320 degree). (Fulfilled turret 360 rotation by installing electric slip ring).
  • Cautions: Whenever the turret turns to its limit at the back of the tank, the clutch functions and prevents further turning of the turret. It’s normal phenomenon. Do not try to force the turret to turn any further to avoid damage.
HL RC Tanks Gun Tube Up/Down functions:
  • Push up / pull down the control atick 1.
  • Cautions: It is normal that the clutch will stop the gun tube when it elevate to the top or the bottom.
HL RC Tanks BB bullet shooting functions:
  • Hold down the “B” button; Press button “A” again, shooting BB bullet with realistic tank recoil action & firing sound. (Vivid firing sound effect. Vivid recoil.)
    Caution:   NO BB gun function if you do not press and hold safety button”B“.
  • Vivid recoil switch:   Firstly press and hold the button “K” Then press the button “S“,tank recoil action three levels cyclic switching.
  • Warning:
    When controlis interfered by other radio waves or the control signals are not strong enough, the tank may not act correctly and may shoot accidentally. Immediately running and shooting in such circumstances.
    Make sure the environment if safely when shoot BB bullet.
    People in the shooting spot should all wear goggles.
    Sometimes bullet remains inside the tank but you think no bullet remains. It’s dangerous because the bullet may be shot out accidentally.
    After use, remember to putthe protective cap onto the gun muzzle, turn off the main switch on the tank, remove BB bullets and batteries, and store them in a safe place.
  • Caution:
    BB shoot function configuration: The maximum shooting range ofthe RC tank is 25m, which may differ according to actual shooting conditions, such as vertical angle of the gun and wind speed.
    Turret should stay horizontal when shooting.
    According to the design of the turret, if the left side or the back side of the turret is lower than their counter sides, bullets can not be loaded and shooting becomes impossible.
HL RC Tanks Sound effect functions:
  • Volume adjustment:    press the “V” button,the volume will be from low to high; 7-level .
  • Sound effect switching method:    Tiger I tank sound is the default sound effect, For switch to other tanks sound effects, Firstly press and hold the button “K”, Then press the button “G “, the sound start to switching to other tank sound effects: Accordlna to this descriotion. Four tank sound effects free cycle switch (TIGER I / LEOPARD 2 / T90 / ABRAMS M1A2).
HL RC Tanks Smoke operating functions:
  • Operating instructions:  Smoking function can be activated only when the tank is started. Press the smoke button. About 1 minute later, smoke wili begin to appear from the exhaust pipe and will gradually increase.
  • Cautions
    When it’s low battery. The smoke is not obvious or stop working, Should charge the battery immediately.
    When the battery is enough. Please refillthe smoking oil when the smoke is getting thinner. To preventthe damage of the smoking system.
    When the tank is using 12.6V battery. It must change the same edition smoking system, Otherwise the system would burned. Company will not take the responsibility.
    rwise the system would
HL RC Tanks Light control functions:
  • In the normal condition, Press and hold the button “G”, then push the “Control stick 1” upward, Headlight turns off. Push the “Control stick 1” upward again, Headlight turns on. (When the headlights turning on/off, the buzzer sounds “Di..”)
  • In the normal condition, Press and hold the button “G”, then push the “Control stick 1” down, Taillight turns off. Push the “Control stick 1” down again, Taillight turns on. (When the taillights turning on/off, the butzzer sounhds “Di..”)
  • The position of headlights or rear lights should be based on the actual position of each product.
HL RC Tanks Infrared battle functions:
  • As shown, Purchase more than two pieces infrared battle system tanks. Connectthe infrared receiver’s plug in the specified sockets on the turret. Also putthe infrared receiver to the specified magnetic suction position in the same time.
  • When the cannon aim to the infrared receiver on the other tank, Press and hold button “A“, Machine gun “launching”, Or firstly press and hold button “B” then press button “A“, BB bullet launch and transmit infrared simultaneously. When the tank be hit. The tank will shake and the front lights flashing with explotion sound in the same time. (Unlimited bullets)
  • When the tank be hitfor six times, It will automatic shut down and frontlights off. Battle failed. After 10 seconds of front lights flashing, The tank will automatic start up and it can joint into the battle again.
HL RC Tanks Full scale drive function limitless timing functions:
HL RC Tanks Correction functions:
1:16 Scale Model Tank Heng-Long Remote Control Tank series HL. TK-6.0/6.1 version instruction manual:

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  1. Tank get hit only one time and dead can’t move or do anything. Is battery no good (3 years old)? with fully charge it doesn’t run for long as it new. Is it effect battle systems/MFU?

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