11885 Pieces Bricks, Huge Size 118cm! Imperial Star Destroyer Monarch (MOC-23556, MOULDKING 13135) Custom Building Blocks Bricks. Compatible With 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer.

Unboxing (Shopping Guide & Buyers Review) 11885 PCS Huge Size 118cm! Imperial Star Destroyer Monarch (MOC-23556, MOULDKING 13135) Custom Building Blocks Bricks. Leave a comment

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Unboxing (Shopping Guide & Buyers Review) 11885 PCS Huge Size 118cm! Imperial Star Destroyer Monarch (MOC-23556, MOULDKING 13135) Custom Building Blocks Bricks.

Hello everyone!
As a fan of Star Wars, Recently, the most exciting new product must be the Imperial Star Destroyer Monarch which launched by Mould King. The iconic battleship almost appeared in all star wars works. Lego also re-launched a new UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) version last year (2019) Lego 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer. Who is more attractive? I think (MOC-23556, MOULDKING 13135) is more than Lego 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer. (MOC-23556, MOULDKING 13135) Has a larger volume 118cm!! 11885 Pieces Bricks and weighted over 10KG!!

Will buying and building it make you feel worth it? Is there any bug in mocer’s MOC design? Please follow our Buyers Review to find out about it.

A huge box with over 11885 Pieces Bricks 10KG of weight!
Show different angles of viewing ISD Monarch On different sides of the box.

It’s too heavy to take out the two inner boxes.

2487 steps, 2 construction instruction manuals.
Please note: The manual has some errors! Although it does not affect the main structure, But that create an issue where you use the wrong parts and cause part shortages towards the end.

Oh, look, the bags are numbered. Don’t be too happy. It’s useless at all. Not following the construction steps to separate the bags!

Unboxing (Shopping Guide & Buyers Review) 11885 PCS Huge Size 118cm! Imperial Star Destroyer Monarch (MOC-23556, MOULDKING 13135) Custom Building Blocks Bricks.

In the first step, we spent a lot of time and building block storage boxes to classify the parts (Building Blocks Bricks).

99% of the parts are high-quality building blocks which is well known for tight clutch. It is recommended to use a rubber hammer to assist in the construction process to reduce finger fatigue.

The main frame is basically completed.

This is the dock at the bottom of the ISD (Imperial Star Destroyer). 

Looks like only a simple long side, But in fact, it has rich details (small parts). It takes time to complete.

The ISD (Imperial Star Destroyer) Triangle shape is in place and now ready to install upper and lower deck.

Each deck will take you several hours to complete.

This position requires to use a “+” shaped shaft to install the deck to the main frame. But this location is very hidden and difficult to reach. 

After many attempts, Finally get the axle in (No need to remove any parts. 

Supplementary information to improve guidance manuals: The manual isn’t clear about how to install the deck to the main frame. Beside securing the side using the axle, you also have to tighten the red parts. 

This is how you secure the deck to the ISD Triangle shape side. 

First instruction manual is almost done 🙌. 

Lots of Complex structure on the back of the ISD. 

Employing illegal methods here and easily falling apart.

Mould King Made a small mistake on the booster. It supposed to be part 98115 which is the lower part of the Death Star. from discontinued LEGO 9676 Death Star. But Mould King gave part 98114 which was the upper part of the Death Star. 

There is a bug, The round dish can’t be connected directly. 

The solution is to add 2×2 round part to it. 

The three boosters are completed. 

Finish the ISD tail work. 

Another few hours to install the ISD upper deck.

After completing the installation of the upper and lower decks, the job now is to add details. There is a bug here, the gap is too big and impossible to connect. 

Another bug, The step 154. The rod cant be placed because the gap is too wide. 

let’s continue. 😎 

This is a structure that looks simple, but takes hours to build. 

Wow… almost done. 😁 

Install the ISD bridge layer by layer. 

Haha…BUG is coming… If you follow step 2403 you will be stuck.

The height problem here. 

The solution is to add another layer of brick.

installed the spherical parts. But the semi rounded part will sank inside the cup Because there is no support inside😂 

It takes almost 5 days to get (MOC-23556, MOULDKING 13135) Imperial Starship Destroyer Monarch done.

Mini Hammerhead Corvette, Nebulon-B Frigate, and Tantive-IV.

Please enjoy my work 118cm Imperial Star Destroyer Monarch.

The gap at the front is big and we try to close the gap by wrapping rubber band. But it looks ugly.

Perfect mid-hull. 

Intricate side details, Even if you get the greebling wrong, no one will notice. 

Very creative use of parts for cannon.

The semi rounded top part sank inside the cup.

Such a science fiction stern. 

Ship Bottom Dock. 

Comparison of size between Mould King ISD Monarch against LEGO 75190 First Order Star Destroyer.

Mould King 13135 Imperial Start Destroyer Monarch with three mini space ships. 

This is for hard core Star Wars fan. One needs a big space to display this. The size is 120cm x 75cmx 40cm and weighted over 10KG. The biggest challenge is to build this without the aid of numbered bags and sequences. It could be quite disheartening when you see piles of parts and thick instruction manual and never see the end to the building. The bricks are of high quality as Mould King sourced from Gobricks. However, Gobricks is well known for tight clutch and our fingers are sore after 5 days of building.

Overall the structure is very secure. There are lots of use of illegal method during the built. Lots of greebling work and it tests our patience. The biggest complaint would the manual. Mould King always rewrite the manual to avoid copying the original MOC instruction directly. Many steps are confusing because of the angle used in the manual. Correcting the mistake is painful process.

Still, this is the flagship product not only for Mould King but for China clone bricks market. It had shown the capabilities of China clone bricks to make huge set. Monarch ISD will grab lots of attention for visitors to your home. A must have for hardcore Star Wars fans. You may order Mould King 13135 ISD Monarch from Good.Goods.

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