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Volvo Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader & Caterpillar CAT RC Wheel Loader & Komatsu RC Wheel Loader & Kawasaki RC Wheel Loade & Sdlg RC Wheel Loade & Letourneau RC Wheel Loade & JCB RC Wheel Loade Unboxing Review & Buy Link & Coupon)

NEW!!! Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader Review and Demonstration
This is a detailed review of the RC wheel loader from Aliexpress. This wheel loader is all Metal and run with Hydraulics. I go into great detail about how it works and show a demonstation of all its functions. you can find it and buy it from the link below.
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7.000 DOLLAR vs 450 DOLLAR!! RC WHEEL LOADER comparison! Huina FM1583 full metal vs hydraulic
***Low price against expensive rc model wheel loader in scale 1:14!! Enjoy watching ***
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I knew that if I was going to unbox something for the new DECADE – it better be BOSS. Last year on the YouTube GOLD mine site I did the math behind the amount of dirt we were moving, and it turns out that if we had an extra Wheel Loader on site, we could turn up production time. Last year, we had one wheel loader loading the hopper/feeder and then we would have to pull it away to load the other trommel trailer. That was a huge time waster. Of course, many people would say that YouTube GOLD is a huge time waster, but that is exactly why we do it. Hah!
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REVIEW of AMAZING RC WHEEL LOADER with hydraulic quick coupler I RC Truck Action Studio
This RC Truck / wheel loader is amazing, these loaders, scale and build quality wise are on the whole really good but compared to $7000 ones are of course lacking as they have precision built RC components. theres no real point buying one thats costs $7000. you are just a fool if you do. however, huina and several other companies sell these models very cheaply and in a large amount. this is quite sad, as these people already have good knowledge which, with a little more effort and engineering they could add a slightly better RC transmission and better servos for moving the unit especially with the pivot in the middle of them. these huina, dilwe, swiftswan, zinniaya, elviray, ande, SXPC all models on ebay and Amazon could be turned into great starter and medium grade RC models.
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RC ADVENTURES – 500lb Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader Lifts Me – 24v Electric Power
Loader lifts me at 5:00 – prior to the lift, I explain how the loader works. Sorry, I’m totally sick with a cold at the moment, but I know so many viewers of the show would like to see more of this big 500lb machine. It’s quite a rig and certainly is very powerful. Amazing how far the hobby of Radio Control, and Robotics has come. From the industrial revolution and huge manufacturing plants – to the home fabricator who has a dream – human beings, and the machines they make are incredible.
I wish I could take credit for building this amazing machine, but instead I am the second owner. This is a 1 of a kind prototype built by an Ontario, Canada man, and his company “Tiny Titan Earth Movers”. He sold this machine to me because he has plans for an excavator. Really cool! This loader is several years old – and certainly needs some TLC, so I have been systematically going through this rig, to learn about it – and ensure that everything is operating as it should. Loose set screws, and normal wear and tear is what I have found – and really this is a fantastic lesson for me in completely understanding how a machine like this can be built, and maintained. All I can say is WOW. Humans are amazing creatures.
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SUPER REALISTIC RC Wheel Loader Moving Dirt! RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader All Metal!
It is so hard to believe that this RC hydraulic wheel loader is not a real full size machine. But it moves and works like the real thing. The Komatsu WA470 is what it is based off. It is very powerful and easy to maneuver. This is the most realistic rc wheel loader I have used.
Any Radio Control machine can seem intimidating at first glance. Many folks feel as though they would have troubles learning to repair their own rigs. Truth be known – these machines follow logic. If you can source where your problem is coming from, and start isolating the root cause(s) – you can fix your rig! It’s a matter of being a detective, an engineer, and a DIY repair person. Heck, that’s part of the fun of the hobby. The more you learn about your rigs.. (how to take them apart, and re-assemble – the more you will understand the mechanics and simplicity of trouble shooting deductions).
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Super Realistic RC Wheel Loader Loading Sand In Truck! | Full Hydraulic Loader | RC Trucks!
This Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader is super tough and can move a lot of sand quick. This has to be one of the best RC wheel loaders you can get on the market right now. It is reliable and strong. The most fun machine to work with!
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when you say i want make beautiful video i will tell you that you did the best and the best wonderful video and amazing channal bud.👍 can i join you
with my eath mover 870k to working together✌
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Mega Mover 870k Hydraulic Rc Wheel Loader
Having some fun w/ kids and nice weather. We’re giving the new fork a go.
Now thats just showing off!!😅
Rude!! Getting loaded on your own trailer, seeing it pick up a propane bottle really shows its strength!!
Great video ron😁😁
Wow, that loader is awesome and heavy to be able to lift that load
EXCELLENT video Ron, that does a fantastic job of showing just how incredibly strong these miniature machines actually are! I wish I had though of moving a propane tank. EVERYONE can fairly well relate to the weight that this machine was moving, when they see that tank on the forks!
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RC hydraulic Wheel Loader CAT 980L -ALIEXPRESS- 1/14 scale(4K)
First run of the CAT 980L hydraulic RC wheel loader from FAROE/Aliexpress. The scale is arround 1/14, some meassurements match exactly with 1/14 and other is down to 1/13 scale. Overall a very impressive build for the buck. Weight is arround 22kg with hydraulic and battery, which makes it no problem in the terrain despite the axles are not locked. The fact that it got axles with differential and not single motors on the wheels makes it even more realistic. The hydraulic pump is from Premacon, 900m/l with integrated pressure relief valve. Valve block is a 4 way from Lesu(planning to make hydraulic quick release on the bucket with the 4th. valve). Cylinders are stock from FAROE. In my opinion the most valued machine/build at the marked so far.
These machines are AWESOME! I have one that attends every PNWSTE event. All is stock, EXCEPT the hydraulic valve. I had to upgrade that, as mine leaked from the moment it was received. I’ve lost count how many hours I’ve out on that lil machine. It appears in numerous videos on my channel working hard in our RC sand & gravel mine site. These things are a work horse for sure!
nice👌loader my bro
But earth mover 870k is strong and better awesome video
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Yes thank you for posting video!!! Hope you guys enjoy them!! I’ll try and get some more videos this summer.
I’m LOVING that loader! As I was watching the build progress on the forum, I knew this was a LARGE machine. Seeing this loader hard at work in the dirt piles is great to watch!
Where can I buy a loader like this ? Love the 993. Worked the real deal k model for a little bit
Where can we purchase one of these loaders?
what is the price for 1 unit RC wheel loader 993K 1:8 scale?
Where can I buy that loader? I want one for me and my son.
Beautiful CAT wheel loader.
Man I’d love to have this , which I believe is a 993K in about 1/14 scale ,or lose to it . I’d love to have it In 1:12 th as well as Have a 785 rock truck and a D11 all in the same scale . Which I would say , would cost me $ 110, 000 to $150,000 to obtain all 3 ,or maybe a bit more ,Everyone I’ve asked refuses to either reply or tells me they will not build one to sale. Oh well. Maybe someone who reads this can put me in contact with the right person. TIA.
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

I really want to get a whole set of these for me and my twin boys. Could you recommend some for a decent price?
want to see it dig dirt!
I want one some of these are over 5000 dollars the real deal ones awesome
That was so neat,just like the real thing,every detail, the yellow light on top……great video. But whats the price for an RC model like that?
What is the name of the company that sells them, can I buy it from the internet, and how much is it in euros?
How much can it lift and is it waterproof? Would be nice if can lift something that weighs around 2 pound and is waterproof so you can drive into water.
New toys for adults got to love big kids for life. I don’t want to grow up. Never never never going to happen. Love the front end loader awesome
Rc-urile sunt superbe,am o întrebare:De unde pot cumpăra astfel de modele Rc?,vă mulțumesc cu stimă și respect.
Hi my friend, where did you buy? Amazon, or Ebay? I want to buy one.
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CSMI RC Hydraulic Wheel loader WL870 easy setup and modifications
Please do more videos about the metalhobi excavator. And keep up the good work
hellow mr kevin how is going so i have earth mover 870k with damn radio control FS 10ch i6s white so what is the best radio for her because my radio is very bad even he cannot reading the battery right when the battery low and the pump stop work the battery still full on my radio screen and what is the best gear for this loader
i mean i want to use him forever on road of road
first gear or secnd gear what is the best between them thx again dude excellent video
Where can I purchase these machines?
Koliko košta ovaj bager i kako se poručuje?
What is the Sound Modul in this…
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

RC ADVENTURES – 500lb RC Wheel Loader clearing Snow- First Practice
It finally snowed, and I can get my first Practice time in with my Wheel Loader. This crazy Radio Controlled Steel Beast is powered by 2 12V Motorcycle Batts, and is completely Hydraulic Driven.
Coming from an actual loader operator in snow, I suggest you tilt the bucket forward and use just the cutting edge to scrape pavement. Its better for the bucket. And have you ever considered making a scaled protech snowpusher for it!? That’d be awesome!
Hey Medic ! As a technician that work on hydrostatic motivated machines, I have to give you the thumbs up on this custom loader! It’s just too cool! A suggestion for the cold temp, most auto part retailers carry hydraulic fluid designed for cold temperature use. I’m not familiar with your area but It maybe a good idea to check around locally to see if you find a compatible one before you try the heating system. Good luck Medic! Great vid as always.
This is going to be awesome, love the two speed and locking diffs!!
I seem to remember something simalar being said about how tough an all metal roll cage was on a truck that only took one roll over to break? 🤔😜😎
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Freaking love me some youtube gold and the build videos. These machines blow my mind and i really appreciate all the work you, the family and the boys do to keep us entertained.
Amazing machine I think it would be perfect for tight spaces. Love the build vids. Helps me a lot in my own builds. Best wishes.
i frequently work on Liebherr 944 log loaders at the mill! super cool to see another scale build Aaron! its the coolest thing in the world to see you building scale versions of the equipment that i service haha! from the volvo rock truck ahem sand truck to the cat loaders, and now a liebherr! just awesome!
Wow you have been building a lot construction vehicles lately awesome
I just bought an rc Vibro compactor all metal made in Australia
Love these full builds you should show some of the painting thought. I run a kamatsu WA500 feeding and running an elross jaw plant and an elross cone and we have an elross screening plant, hope one day to build something like this, amazing work!
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

RC Wheel loader – RC Hjullastare
Trucks in Dalarna 2012. Radiostyrd hjullastare. Romme travbana, Dalarna. Radio Controlled Wheel loader. Dalarna Sweden.
Possibly the most realistic front end loader RC I have ever seen! Too bad there like 15,000 dollars.😵😵🤑🤑
Warning: This is not a toy!
This RC Wheel Loader can be useful to the Lilliputians in Gulliver’s Travels! Oh yeah!
.. From Italy..what a power…great really…is Electric? Cose i hear like an air pump or compressor… thanks bye 😉
I’m certain it’s custom built. I doubt it’s gas/diesel, the motor noise heard is the hydraulic motor, which is probably run by a battery. Nonetheless, I want one too!
Hi bro from where can i get the same of this loader
Vore bra mycket bättre med ett realistigt ljud på hjullastaren.
Honestly this toy front end loader is more fun then driving a real front end loader !
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

RC ADVENTURES – 1/14 Scale Earth Mover 870K Hydraulic Wheel Loader – Backyard Fun
This is the second time I have used my wheel loader from RC4WD. I want to get some practice in, so I can become more smooth on the operations. It has a two-speed transmission (I am usually in Low gear at the moment), locking differentials, and some awesome power. Amazing thing is.. its over 40 pounds in weight. REALLY HEAVY! It pushes a lot of weight.
CNC Machined Metal parts, Molded Steel bucket. 6 channel 2.4Ghz radio. Optimized Steel Hydraulic system. Scale operator station (can fit a driving figure). Massive 29.5-25L-5 Tires.
Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump. Heavy Duty Hoses (OD 4.5mm Nylon, ID 2.5mm). Powder coated in yellow. Brushless system (hydraulic). 40A brushless ESC with BEC. XXX Kv brushless monster torque Motor. Realistic non functional disk break. Scale ABC plastic interior. Wheel with planetary gearbox build-in. 2 speed full metal transmission (1:16 and 1:4 gear ratio). Realistic fullfull metal Axles. Run time is: XX minutes (XXXXmAh Battery). Steel Machined oil pump (45mm X 30mm X 15.5mm).
Bucket capacity:
Maximum bucket force: 70kg / 154pounds. Driving Speed: XXX meter per hour. Scale: 1 : 12. Length:741mm / 29inch. Width: 276mm / 11inch. Height: 276mm / 11inch. Maximum bucket Height: 461mm / 18inch. Maximum bucket up and down angle: 46 to 64 degrees. Maximum bucket left and right angle: 38 degrees. Wheel base: 284mm. Dead Weight: 20.5kg / 45lbs. Total mass load: 32kg / 70lbs. Operating oil pressure: 20Bar, 290psi. Manufactured by JDCustoms. 30 days limited warranty.
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

Loading Gravel For New Road Build | Hydraulic RC Wheel loader | RC Truck
Loading the Mercedes truck with gravel to lay the base of the new road.
This RC hydraulic wheel loader can move a ton of gravel and load trucks quickly.
If you like watching these videos please take some time to watch my other videos that focus on RC construction equipment that are hydraulic!
The China wheel loader is already great, also the price. If only it wasn’t so heavy with 30 kg, so I kept my CAT 966 G from WEDICO. I always have to carry the part 3 floors and I have no parking space in front of the door. Nice video again and thanks for sharing. Greets from Berlin 😉👍
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

Glad you watched my video!
If you liked it, feel free to share it with others!
There is a big club in Hungary that deals with these, they are the team of Hungarian RC trucks! There are several events a year so we can play together! If you are interested, please feel free to ask! Or visit our groups!
come and follow on my site or join our international group!
Now that is what you call an unboxing. Great stuff. Subbed.
nice loader but earth mover 870k still better👍
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

***Heavy weight and big scale rc models at hard work on the construction site!! Enjoy watching***
Models: rc dump truck volvo a250 tipper, rc wheel loader volvo l350f, rc dozer cat d11t in scale 1:8, rc excavator cat 323d l in scale 1:6, rc railway railroad, rc tractor jcb with krampe trailer, rc truck renault container transport, rc truck man tipper, rc tractor cat challenger mt875b with lemken smaragd 9, rc tractor mb mercedes-benz teac 1600 turbo with seeder
Scale: 1:6 to 1:8
Event: Fair Leipzig Germany 2017
Modell Hobby Spiel Leipzig 2017, Messe Leipzig, Maßstab 1:6 bis 1:8, RC LKW Kipper Volvo A250, RC Radlader Volvo L350F, RC Raupe CAT D11T, RC Bagger CAT 323D L, RC Traktor JCB mit Krampe Anhänger, RC LKW Renault Container Transport, RC Kipper LKW MAN, RC Traktor CAT Challenger, RC Traktor MB Mercedes-Benz Teac 1600 turbo mit Sämaschine
hello Manhee Lee,
I live in poland,
I really like your Cat RC excavator,
I am at the beginning of the road in the transformation of Bruder to rc,
I bought a Bruder excavator for myself and I will do it for rc,
I was curious about the actuators used in the excavator,
I have a request ?
you would send me a diagram with dimensions how to make such actuators,
I greet you very warmly
It would sure be nice to know where in the USA we can purchase these things?? I just cannot believe that our market is left untapped. I keep reading that these models are custom made. Custom made by whom?? They are too precise to be one off!!
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

Camion RC 1/14 Earth Mover 870K Hydraulic Wheel Loader
Hobbies Exclusive!!!
Hydraulic / Full Metal / Ready-to-Run / Battery Powered
Originated from Chinese engineering machinery pioneer LG,JD-88 RC Hydraulic Wheel loader is designed with massive power for heavy duty construction work,which can easily push a 75kg adult forward,plus a streamline profile designing and powerful engine sound soul,it will be the most popular RC Hydraulic model in the world.Here is a finished sample test video for reference,Customers who are interested can contact us( to reserve,lead time 40days.
100% CNC machined aluminum
• Custom 8 channel 2.4Ghz radio
• Optimized steel hydraulic system
• Efficient under carriage
• Wheel Width 55mm,wheelbase 284mm
• Scale operator station (can fit a driving figure,seat installed)
• Axles A3 steel and aluminium alloy
• Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump
• Engine sound module equipped
• Heavy duty hydraulic hoses (OD 3.0mm,4.0mm Nylon, ID 2.0mm,2.5mm)
• Max undercarriage steering +/-38 degrees
• Powder coated in yellow and dark grey
• Massive brushless system (hydraulic)
• Hydraulic system 60A brushless ESC,driving system 320A brush ESC
• 800Kv brushless monster torque motor
• Battery: Lipo 3S,4200mAh,11.1V (not included)
• Steel machined oil pump (51mm X 40mm X 36mm)
• Max. up digging force 15kg,Max.lifting force 70kg,Max.lifting height 461mm
• Driving speed: first gear,6m/min,second gear 18m/min
• Operating oil pressure: 25Bar
• Scale: 1:14
• Bucket: W.252mmxH.123mm
• Length: 741mm
• Width: 249mm
• Height: 276mm
• Deadweight: 21kg,Max loading weight 15kgHobbies Exclusive!!!
Hydraulic / Full Metal / Ready-to-Run / Battery Powered
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

RC4WD | 1/14 Scale Earth Mover 870K Hydraulic Wheel Loader | RC Truck Mercedes Benz Arocs 4151 8×8
Hello Greetings from the US, I am curious how the reliability of the 870k loader has been for you? any issues at all?
hello✋friend ni👍ce video i love it so i want ask you between these wheel loader who is better and strong and qulity
volvo 780k or
liebherr L574 or
faroe/ becuse i want buy 1 soon
i hope you answer me
excellent 👌 channal peace
Coupon Code:   “50usdggoods”  &  Click to buy.

Big scale rc wheel loader komatsu wa 600-6. Fantastic self made machines. heavy work on the construction site!
I am very happy about your positive feedback.
Please click the” bell” next to the button of subscription. receive all information about my movies.
All this models work hard on the mine, and makes so much fun! All models are self made or rebuild.
Check out my other videos!
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