Red Bull Racing Formula One Team, 1:7 Scale Nitro Powered RC Race Car, 1:7-Scale Radio-Controlled Nitro Model of Red Bull Racing’s Championship-Winning RB7


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RADIO REMOTE CONTROLLED. BUILD IT YOURSELF. NITRO ENGINE. Red Bull – F1 Racing Team RB7. Kyosho F1 RB7 Gas Powered RC Racing Car (De Agostini Model Space 1/7 Scale Red Bull – F1 RB7 Model Kits)

Red Bull Racing RB7 (Official, exclusively licensed RC model)
1:7-scale radio-controlled nitro model of Red Bull Racing’s championship-winning RB7

Step-by-step assembly
Even as a model-making novice, you can assemble this unique RC model of the Red Bull Racing RB7 2011 Formula 1 car. In 25 packs, we provide you with detailed, easyto-follow, step-by-step instructions and all the components you need to build your own radio-controlled Red Bull Racing RB7.

Unique driving experience
The high-performance nitro engine and the sophisticated, ultra-rigid chassis that you assemble yourself, along with the aerodynamic wings and bodywork, give you a world-class drive. Whether you‘re a beginner or an expert, you’ll be amazed at how easy this model is to control!
Precision-engineered components.
Sophisticated design for optimal performance.
Top-quality components from Kyosho.
Includes both a race body and a display body.

Powerful nitro engine for breathtaking performance
In terms of performance and quality, your model of the Red Bull Racing RB7 is in the same class as Sebastian Vettel’s 2011 F1 car. Your racer was manufactured exclusively for De Agostini by Kyosho, the leading manufacturer of remote-controlled vehicles, and developed under license from Red Bull. You can now build and race a 1:7-scale model of Sebastian Vettel’s 2011 racing car on the track!

Introductory articles
Along with the step-by-step assembly guides, your RB7 packs will include fascinating introductory articles packed with indepth information to help you understand the technology behind car racing, so you can get the most out of your RC Red Bull Racing RB7. With topics covering gear ratios, suspension, the engine, remote control and more, you will be fully equipped to run, maintain and tune your RC model to professional racestandard.

Technical specifications of the model:
Scale: 1:7
Length: 689mm
Width: 250mm
Wheelbase: 452mm
Engine: GX21
Engine capacity: 3.5cc
Fuel tank: approx. 95cc
Materials: Moulded plastic and metal.
Finished Dimensions: L 689mm, W 250mm, H 154mm.
Difficulty Dimensions: 5

Drive, brake and suspension:
• Rear-wheel drive
• Transmission via propshaft and bevelgear
• Disc brake
• Independent suspension

G.Goods. Kyosho F1 RB7 Gas/Nitro Powered RC Racing Car (De Agostini Model Space 1/7 Scale Red Bull – F1 RB7 Model Kits)
Full kits contain 7 boxes & 2.4GHz Transmitter and receiver.

In addition, you will receive:
• A rugged Lexan body for the Red Bull Racing RB7 chassis, designed for racing on the track.
• A beautifully detailed display body for the Red Bull Racing RB7, for use when you aren’t racing.
• Full assembly instructions, plus in-depth information about RC modelling.

Please note:  lubricating oil can’t pass the customs security inspection. So, we will take out the lubricating oil before shipping.
Box 1-004, Box3-063, Box 6-038 lubricating oil will be removed before shipping.

Build and Drive Red Bull Racing F1 RB7 (Kyosho NITRO ENGINE Red Bull Racing RB7 | 1:7 Model | Full Kit)

Build and drive this 1:7 scale radio-controlled nitro model of Red Bull Racing’s RB7. Made famous by Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel, our RB7 model is precision engineered to replicate every detail of the original. Order your Red Bull Racing RB7 full kit online today and receive everything in one shipment. Comes complete with your detailed Assembly Guides.

Driven to the championship by Sebastian Vettel, the exceptional RB7 was designed by the Red Bull Racing team for the 2011 Formula One season. Our RC 1:7 scale model is an exquisitely detailed replica of the original. Once built, the RB7 is a fully functional radio-controlled nitro replica. Even as a model-making novice, you can assemble this unique RC model of the Red Bull Racing RB7 2011 Formula One car.
Your build consists of 100 stages. Here we provide you with detailed, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and all the components you need to build your own radio-controlled Red Bull Racing RB7. These instructions are provided on a CD. In terms of performance and quality, your model of the Red Bull Racing RB7 is in the same class as Sebastian Vettel’s 2011 F1 car. Your racer was manufactured exclusively for De Agostini ModelSpace by Kyosho, the leading manufacturer of remote-controlled vehicles, and developed under license from Red Bull. You can now build and race a 1:7-scale model of Sebastian Vettel’s 2011 racing car on the track!
In addition, you will receive a rugged Lexan body for the Red Bull Racing RB7 chassis, designed for racing on the track. Plus, a beautifully detailed display body for the Red Bull Racing RB7, for use when you aren’t racing, along with full assembly instructions which you can download from us.

Key Features of the RC Red Bull RB7
The Engine & Transmission
3.5cc nitro motor, with a powerful 1.8 horsepower Kyosho GX21 engine
The Chassis
Race-proven chassis that adjusts to match a driver or specific track
Four hydraulic dampers; the front dampers open diagonally via pushrods
The Bodywork
The Red Bull Racing RB7 model is 689 x 250 x 150mm (27.13 x 9.84 x 5.90 inches) with its bodywork fitted
The Remote Control System
Designed to work with a Kyosho Syncro digital remote system, the handset operates the model’s steering, throttle and brake, transmitting through an integrated antenna
Modern Electronics
An RC receiver on the chassis converts radio signals into electrical pulses and passes them on to the car’s control servos, which operate the throttle, brake and steering
On the Track
After you finish the build, the final magazine will illustrate how to prepare and run your model
Model Detail
1:7 scale – 3.5cc nitro motor – Powerful Kyosho GX21 engine – 1.8 horsepower – Four hydraulic dampers – Kyosho Syncro digital remote system – Fuel tank: approx 95cc
Overall Dimensions
Length 689mm – Width 250mm – Wheelbase 452 mm
Clear step-by-step instructions show how to assemble and finish the parts – every step of the way. Even if you’ve never tried this type of project before, you’ll be able to put your Red Bull Racing RB7 together in easy stages, learning the skills as you go.

Red Bull RB7
Red Bull RB7 is a formula one car designed by red bull for the 2011 formula one season. It was driven by defending champion Sebastian Vettel and Australian driver Mark Weber. The car was launched on February 1, 2011 at the Ricardo tolmo circuit in Valencia, Spain[ 3] Sebastian Vettel was the first driver to test the car[ 4]
This car is the fastest in the whole Barcelona test, and Vettel drives it. It won the first game of the season with Vettel in Melbourne, while Webber finished fifth. RB7 failed to reach the top five in only two of the 19 games of the 2011 season, when Mark Webber was out of the 2011 Italian Grand Prix and Sebastian Vettel retired from the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Vettel used RB7 to win the 2011 world driver’s championship in Japan, while Red Bull won the world team championship in South Korea the following weekend. This car has made 3 1-2 achievements in the season. It’s one of the most dominant Formula One cars of all time, winning 12 of 19 races and pole position in 2011, in part because of the innovative but controversial exhaust diffuser.
Sebastian Vettel (since joining Red Bull II) has developed the habit of naming his car, naming his RB7 chassis kinky Kylie[ 5]
After Renault decided to change its name to Lotus Renault GP (later lotus F1), red bull RB7 was also the first Red Bull car to win Renault all-round team status.

Based on the success of winning the championship car last year, the mission of Red Bull technical engineer is to deal with the new technical rules while combining the leading speed of rb6 in 2010“ What we’re doing is adopting the idea of continuous evolution. We have evolved rb6, which itself is the evolution of RB5 in 2009. If you like, this is the third generation of successful lineage. ” Newey explained. But RB7 is likely to be affected by the team’s focus on rb6 until much later than usual. The 2010 World Championship was very difficult, which gave the team its first title.

The launch specifications of RB7 are the same as the obvious evolution of rb6 claimed by Newey, despite the addition of Pirelli tires, KERS and adjustable tail.

Despite the low profile of its launch, RB7 still has a large number of updates, including highly complex exhaust solutions. But at the end of the first test day, the new car has set the mark as fast as it can.

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel)
Chassis: rb7-02 (Weber)
Adrian Newey has once again entered the world of formula one engineering. Although his RB5 and rb6 designs have many replication principles, he decided to abandon KERS in RB7 in Melbourne. It doesn’t do anything to weaken the car’s performance, and nothing can compare with RB7’s lap time at Albert Park. A dominant victory is inevitable, and that’s what happens. Newey’s car is known for its speed, but also for its fragility. Mark Weber’s RB7 doesn’t seem to match his young teammate’s RB7. Red Bull Racing director Helmut Marko told German TV station RTL, “there’s something wrong with his chassis. For him, neither hard nor soft tires really worked. His tire wear is also significantly greater than Sebastian’s
Team leader Christian Horner added: “unfortunately mark didn’t succeed in his hometown Grand Prix, we need to understand why. We took a slightly different strategic route and let him run harder because his degradation seems to be higher than Sebastian’s. This is something we need to study in Mark’s car, because the unusual difference between them this weekend is something we usually don’t see. I believe Malaysia will return to normal. “

RB7 used two versions of the rear body in Melbourne, tested a version with a very large exit (above), and then chose to use a smaller exit in the race (below).

In Melbourne, RB7 is equipped with a modified exhaust layout, which first appeared in pre-season testing.

These layouts are a big step forward from the more traditional Release Specification Version (see below). RB7 layout seems likely to be the trend of 2011 season, at least two teams are developing similar layout. Also pay attention to the modified brake pipe winglet

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel)
Chassis: rb7-02 (Weber)
Red Bull is still the team to beat. Sebastian Vettel’s rb7-03 is on the podium again. But the Achilles heel of RB7 is up again, and its KERS is very unreliable. Webers’ system failed in the mounting circle, and Vettel was advised not to use his system after the second pit stop.

Since the start of the season, the front wing endplate of RB7 has been modified, with a slightly simpler version (above) and a launch Version (below).

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel) Q: 1 R: 2
Chassis: rb7-02 (Weber) Q: 18 R: 3
RB7 is still struggling with KERS issues, and when it works, it seems to be inferior to Mercedes or Ferrari systems. A strategic mistake knocked Mark Webber out in the first quarter.
Team leader Christian Horner said after the race: “after losing a little behind two McLaren teams at the start, we chose to let Sebastian take a two stop strategy. It almost paid off for us, we made it work in four laps, but in the end, he just didn’t have enough grip to defend that podium. Secondly, it is still a fantastic result, which means a lot of points, which is worthy of it. Together with mark, we effectively used the main tire to start reversing in his race and adopted the three stop strategy. Getting on the podium was his amazing recovery, so the team did a great job and a strong pit stop. When Jenson stopped in our maintenance area at the first stop, we were scared, but overall, it was a very strong team achievement. “

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel) Q: 1 R: 1
Chassis: rb7-04 (Weber) Q: 2 R: 2
Red Bull RB7’s performance in Istanbul was quite frustrating, winning first and second. The team brought an updated package to the race, including a new front wing, although Vettel destroyed his front wing in free practice 1 after losing control of the car. Mark Webber used a new chassis in the race, replacing the rb7-02 with a new rb7-04.
Team leader Christian Horner: “excellent team performance. It was a very busy game, with four stops, perfect maintenance and Sebastian’s excellent performance, which led to a dominant victory. Mark also had a point. At first he lost a place on the dirty side of the parking lot, but then he recovered very well. He worked very hard to overtake Nico Rosberg and then, under the pressure of Alonso, gave him a place but remained calm. We had a new set of primes in the last phase, and mark really made them work, making our first two great passes this year. All the praise for the team, it will certainly drive away the evil of last year, and I would like to thank all our partners for their strong support. “

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel) Q: 2 R: Winner
Chassis: rb7-04 (Webber) Q: pole R: 5
Red bull was once again plagued by the KERS problem, with two drivers only intermittently accessing their systems throughout the race weekend. Nevertheless, both cars were inaccessible during qualifying, showing how fast RB7’s reserve speed is. By Sunday, the team was trying to keep up with their qualifying pace, while Vettel was trying to stop Hamilton. At the same time, the tire strategy let Weber behind Barton, he can only keep up with his speed, so that he can not get on the podium
Team leader Christian Horner: “it’s a very exciting game. I think we were all surprised to see Fernando pass first in the first corner, which changed the dynamics of the game. He was not fast in front and kept the rest behind. We managed to weaken Sebastian, but not mark, because Ferrari can see what we’re doing. It’s a combination of teamwork and strategy. Sebastian had to let Jenson and Massa pass to make his strategy work, which was a real risk, but he insisted and achieved, and that’s all. Unfortunately for mark, he looked at Fernando Alonso’s exhaust pipe in the first half, and in the end we made a dummy for him to take the lead. Otherwise, it’s frustrating for mark, and the whole result is to have him stand there as well. “

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel) Q: pole R: Winner
Chassis: rb7-01 (Weber) Q: 7 R: 4
Red bull seemed to be the leading force before the race. Vettel created a dazzling pole single lap. However, on race day, the cunning and cunning of all teams and drivers stopped Barton and Alonso. Interestingly, Weber went back to chassis 1, which he had previously run in Spain.
Team leader Christian Horner: “Sebastian’s extraordinary driving today. We had a communication problem at the first stop, which affected both drivers because they were all on the same lap. It delayed Sebastian, but we managed to readjust our strategy. We didn’t panic and managed to get ourselves out of the woods and get him back in the lead. Then he had a long way to go, and he made harder tires. He absorbed the tremendous pressure from Fernando and Jensen, and when the accident happened in front of him, our hearts were in our mouths. But he chose his own way, and with the help of optional tires, he was able to get more comfort in the remaining laps after starting over. Today, Sebastian’s driving performance was excellent, the team performed well and recovered from the seemingly difficult first race win. At one stage, mark was 15th after the first round stop, but he never gave up and moved on. In the last few laps, he made great progress in Kobayashi. Kobayashi is not an easy man to surpass. It’s a pity that he didn’t get on the podium today, because he deserves it

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel) Q: pole R: 2
Chassis: rb7-04 (Weber) Q: 4 R: 3
A practice accident did not affect Vettel’s qualifying speed, RB7 got pole position again. Meanwhile, Mark Webber received a new chassis rb7-04 to replace rb7-01, which he has been racing since the start of the season. In the game, Vettel seemed to win, but was forced by Jenson Button and made a mistake.
Team leader Christian Horner: “after a long afternoon and leading almost every lap of the race, it’s obviously frustrating to lose the Grand Prix with almost a checkered flag. Jenson was very fast at the end of the game and Sebastian worked very hard to keep him away from the DRS area because we can see how powerful it is. Unfortunately, Sebastian made a rare mistake on the day when many drivers made a lot of mistakes. He paid the price, but the second is still a good result, far from catastrophic. We’ve got a lot of points and Sebastian is only 14 points less than the highest point after seven games, which is an achievement in itself. I think formula one provides a lot of entertainment this afternoon. Mark struggled through the battlefield and had a wonderful duel with Michael. He did well on the podium with Sebastian, so from a team point of view, it’s still a very good afternoon to finish second and third on a day when neither Fernando nor Lewis scored. Pay homage to those who have been standing in the rain for an hour and a half waiting for a new start. I hope there won’t be too many people with cold in the morning. “

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel) Q: pole R: 1
Chassis: rb7-04 (Weber) Q: 2 R: 3
Team leader Christian Horner: “today’s first and third place and a lot of points for the excellent team performance. The race against Fernando in the afternoon was very tense. Our two drivers started well at the beginning, ran once and twice, and then Fernando was able to use DRS to lead mark. Mark managed to overtake him again with a pit stop strategy and then stay ahead as it evolved into a three stop race. Unfortunately, in the last round, we didn’t have enough ability to lead him with mark to get one or two, but one or three was still great. Sebastian drove another flawless race and consolidated his lead in the driver’s championship. Today for the team, once again won huge points, I am very happy to have Mr. matthitz here to see today’s Red Bull car on the podium

Valencia adopted a new nose and front wing, with the lower wing of the nose moving backward to a new position (and shape) under the chassis. Ferrari style long wing bracket launched in Montreal

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel) Q: 2 R: 2
Chassis: rb7-04 (Weber) Q: pole R: 3
Team leader Christian Horner: “after a very interesting race, we started very well with the medium tire initially. Considering what happened this weekend, the second and third are still a very strong result on this track. Unfortunately, we had a rear Jack failure at Sebastian’s second pit stop, which took him a lot of time in the pit and left him behind Fernando. Having said that, Fernando is very fast today, but at least we will let the track position enter a later stage. Mark ran to the second place early and had a problem in his second pit stop, but he succeeded in overtaking Hamilton and bravely entered the sixth corner. In the last lap, the two cars took turns. From the team’s point of view, it is absolutely meaningful to consolidate a large number of points today, rather than taking the risk to let both cars into the fence. This almost happened in the last corner of Lewis and Felipe. From the team’s point of view, it was a very strong day – we scored 33 points and the two drivers are now number one and number two in the driver’s championship. On the issue of exhaust, I hope we have made this clear now and can draw a line in the future. “

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel) Q: 3 R: 4
Chassis: rb7-04 (Weber) Q: pole R: 3
Although McLaren and Ferrari have made progress in the team, mark Webb is still able to push his teammates to the pole, while Vettel has to be third. In the race, Vettel encountered traffic problems, and Weber can match, but did not beat Ferrari and McLaren.
Team leader Christian Horner: “it’s a fascinating race – it’s clear that three and four points in the starting position are not what we really want, but it’s still a lot of points for both drivers. We used undercutting to give mark the lead in the first pit stop, but unfortunately, in the second pit stop, undercutting was not as strong as we expected, and he fell back to third place. We hope to play longer at the last pit stop, but in the end P3 is what we can achieve at the end. Sebastian skidded early and had a serious flat tire, so we ran with him as much as we could, and then he spent a lot of time watching Massa’s gearbox during the race. It all comes down to a race in the pit, where our kids did well, made a wonderful pit stop and surpassed Ferrari. It’s a bit exciting there, and I think, as Sebastian said on the radio, he has P4 for them today

Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel) Q: pole R: 2
Chassis: rb7-04 (Weber) Q: 6 R: 5
Team leader Christian Horner: “I think today’s race is very difficult, especially under such conditions. At first we took the lead, then Lewis became very fast, we dropped a few places in McLaren team, then we started to recover their speed and made some good stops. The decisive point is to choose to use the main tire at the last stop to get to the finish line, which makes Sebastian in excellent condition. Then it rained, and in a few laps it was insignificant whether to stay outside or to enter the station. It can be said that in a few laps, the middleman was the right choice, Mark decided to enter the station for them – we decided to bravely decide to let Sebastian leave, and finally it came right, the rain stopped, P2 was a positive result for him. Unfortunately for mark, he lost some places when the penultimate middle tire came in – without that, he would have been on the podium today, which is a shame. However, without a crystal ball under these conditions, it could be a decision for him to win the game. It’s frustrating to lose a position to Lewis at the end because the guard mark is not really an auxiliary problem, but mark hit him back very strongly in the last seven laps. The team is now in the summer vacation, have a chance to have a good rest, and then at the end of August fully revitalized, back to spa
In Budapest, Red Bull tried the front wing design to get the best balance on the high downforce track. The launch specification thin wing support (above) has been re introduced, and the lower nose steering blade has been installed to replace the lower chassis version used in previous competitions.

Spa francoisha
Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Vettel)
Chassis: rb7-04 (Weber)
Team leader Christian Horner: “a great team result – 1-2 in spa and our first win here, which is extraordinary for the team. Sebastian got off to a good start, but mark looks like he got a stall and put down the order. We damaged our tyres in qualifying and we are a little worried about their coming into the race due to the lack of knowledge after this weekend’s wet. Therefore, our strategy is conservative, choose to stop mark in the third lap, and then stop Sebastian in about one lap. Most importantly, we want to see the performance of the tyres. At that time, we put mark on the main tire, and we can see it perform well very early. In the safety car, we put Sebastian in the station to look for another set of options, which worked well for him. After the broadcast problem, mark stayed in prime time, which still looked very strong. Sebastian then lowered his head and saved the tires when needed, pushed and closed a very satisfying win when needed – supported by mark, who chased Fernando and overtook him on the last lap. It was a great weekend for the team. It’s a lot of points in both tournaments, and we’ve expanded our lead in drivers and teams on tracks we’ve never won before – so it’s a wonderful day for Red Bull
At Spa Red Bull, a new system is used to maintain tire temperature when the car is parked in the garage. In the past, the FIA banned the system after Toyota used a device to heat rims in 2005. But red bull seems to have found a way to circumvent the ban by using preheat metal doughnuts in “cake cans.”. It heats the friction material in the brake, but has the side effect of retaining some of the heat in the core of the tire. The team also modified the brake guide winglet and flow regulator.
RB7 is equipped with low drag wings for dry weather (above) operation, but uses steeper angles in rain (below).

Chassis: rb7-05 (Vettel) Q: pole R: win
Chassis: rb7-03 “kinky Kylie” (Weber) Q: 5 R: dnf
Christian Horner, team leader: “today is an extraordinary game. Winning at Monza is a dream come true. It’s Sebastian’s truly dominant performance today. We had excellent maintenance work and strong strategy, and SEB made a very brave overtaking action to regain the lead from Fernando after the safety car. After that, it was a very controlled and well executed game. Unfortunately, Mark’s game ended early after contacting Felipe Massa. When Mark tried to return to the repair station as soon as possible, the front wing was jammed under the car as it approached the parabola. It’s not going to get him on the podium today, but I’m sure he’ll pick himself up in Singapore. It’s a great day for the team and we’ve done a great job on the track, which in theory is not our best. Unfortunately, we lost a member of the team earlier this week, Erin pezzella, a young lady who has worked in the team for four years. She failed in a very brave fight against cancer, and we want to dedicate that result to her today. “
Red Bull’s Monza aviation update has attracted people’s attention, and some people doubt how to complete it within the limitation of RRA. Monza’s only tail has almost no angle when the DRS opens (above).

Chassis: rb7-05 (Vettel) Q: pole R: win
Chassis: rb7-03 (Weber) Q: 2 R: 3
Sebastian Vettel won another victory in Singapore despite pressure from Jason button later in the game. In terms of pure speed, RB7 is still in the lead, but Barton’s determination and fuel saving strategy make Vettel’s lead drop from 13 seconds in the whole game to 1.7 seconds at the finish line.
Team leader Christian Horner: “it was a great performance to win the Singapore Grand Prix today. It is one of the most eye-catching venues on the calendar, with a truly unique atmosphere, which is probably the most demanding and demanding race for car and driver fitness due to the hot and humid conditions. Sebastian is perfect today; He did dominate in the first half and at the end of the game; He didn’t take any risks to record his ninth win of the season. Starting from the left side of the starting area, on the dirty side, mark lost on the first corner like everyone else, but after that he had a very good race with Fernando. Our tires seem to be lighter than ours. Today’s Ferrari. He managed to overtake Fernando twice and then our strategy worked until the end of the game. Most importantly, I think we also had the fastest pit stop of the day, so a really good team performance made Sebastian just one point short of his second world champion. However, this does not change the way we go to Japan. “

Chassis: rb7-05 (Vettel) Q: pole R: 3
Chassis: rb7-04 (Weber) Q: 6 R: 4
Team leader Christian Horner: “first of all, it’s amazing that Sebastian Vettel won his second world championship. His driving performance this year is so good that he deserves to win the championship, which he has dominated since the first race in Melbourne. It’s the result of a lot of hard work and teamwork, and he can be proud of his achievements. Now, it puts him among the elite drivers, who have not only won the double, but also achieved a back-to-back world championship. Today’s competition was very tense. Today we seem to have wasted time in the maintenance area – maybe because we are at the end of the maintenance area, but Jenson did well in the competition and congratulated him. Third and fourth are still strong performances in the team’s scoreboard, and we consolidated our 130 point lead. Today, however, belongs to Sebastian. “
Cyril Dumont of Renault: “of course, I’m very happy today! I think we have a fantastic Vettel this year. Last year was great, but this year he’s incredible, this little guy! He really made it; He just never stops working, and he’s always trying – so he deserves it. I’m really happy for him and for all of Renault. We just need to finish the next game by winning the team championship
Red Bull RB7
A strange feature of the Red Bull RB7 comes up when the fleet makes settings changes at the front of the car, such as wing settings. It also changes the bolts that hold the head in place. However, this is not a direct exchange, and the team seems to have specific bolts for specific settings, indicating that each bolt group is suitable for a specific range of aerodynamic loads. More conspiracy theorists among us suggest that it’s all about bending the front of the car, but it’s probably a much simpler thing. To be sure, red bull’s mechanics are very careful to use the right bolts for each setting.
Red Bull RB7
The team brought another front wing to Suzuka, which will be the world champion Vettel smashed in practice. The substitute was rushed to Japan and installed in time for qualifying. It has a very simplified endplate, just two pieces – compare the old versions above and below
Red Bull RB7
During the continuous development of RB7, the team used mobile visible dye to soak the brake pipe and front wing in practice. Team owner Christian Horner told racecar engineering that most of the current data of RB7 races go directly to rb8.

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 22 × 5 × 1000 cm
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Brand: De Agostini Model Space; Kyosho.
NO. Red Bull Racing RB7,
The Engine & Transmission: 3.5cc nitro motor, with a powerful 1.8 horsepower Kyosho GX21 engine.
Chassis: Race-proven chassis that adjusts to match a driver or specific track.
Dampers: Four hydraulic dampers; the front dampers open diagonally via pushrods.
Fuel tank: approx 95cc.
Finished size: 1/7 Scale. 689 x 250 x 150mm (27.13 x 9.84 x 5.90 inches).
  Red Bull Racing Formula One Team, 1:7 Scale Nitro Powered RC Race Car, 1:7-Scale Radio-Controlled Nitro Model of Red Bull Racing's Championship-Winning RB7 1
Order contains (What will you get): 1:7 Scale Model Red Bull Racing RB7 RC Nitro F1 Car Full Kits.
2.4GHz Transmitter and receiver,
PDF Manual.
Please note: 
This is a model kit, you need to assemble, debugging, do it yourself.
To run you will also need 15% -26% methanol fuel.

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