Yellow Submarine, RC Submarine, Remote & Radio Control Toy Submarine, Mini RC Submarine For Pool


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Wireless RC Underwater Explorer Radio Controlled Submarine! This submarine is lots of fun! It is a nice size and perfect for swimming pools! It is a bright yellow and has a simple remote control that you can use. It has left, right up and down on it as well as a power button! The submarine has a light underneath. The sub works really well in the water, you can steer it to the left and right and come up and submerge under the water!

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996 in stock

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Yellow Submarine, RC Submarine, Remote & Radio Control Toy Submarine, Mini RC Submarine For Pool

  • battery operated play vehicle
  • Working LED Spotlight, Shines Brightly Underwater, Wireless RC Action! Real Underwater Action! For Fun in The Poll.
  • RC Controller allows the submarine to turn left, right, go backwards, climb, and dive for endless water fun. multi-directional operation
  • launch an exciting submarine adventure as you wirelessly explore the depths of your pool.
  • the integrated spotlight shines brightly inside the water for night time operation.
  • control the SUB’S movement via twin directional propellers.
  • submarine requires 4 “AA” 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included). remote control requires one 9V alkaline battery (not included). see bottom panel for important battery information. colors and styles may vary.
  • note: for swimming pool use only. never operate submarine in ocean. salt water is corrosive to moving parts.

BATTERY INSTALLATION: The submarine requires 4 “AA” 1.5V batteries (not included). The controller requires one 9V battery (not included). When changing batteries, adult supervision is required. Use alkaline batteries for the best performance. Product will only operate when in water.
  • Carefully remove items from the package.
  • Locate the battery compartment on the end of the submarine.
  • Twist the end of the submarine to expose battery chamber. Insert 4 “AA” batteries while observing the correct polarity (Fig.1).
  • Return the battery chamber by inserting into compartment by aligning the top ridge and refasten the end of submarine to secure.
  • Remove the screw on back ofthe remote control to open battery door.
  • Insert one 9V alkaline battery while observing the correct polarity (Fig.2).
  • Replace the battery compartment door.
  • Move both the submarine and controller power switches to the “ON” position
  • Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Always exercise normal swim safety when using this item.
  • Do not operate during thunderstorms or rain.
  • Operate only in swimming pool.
  • Avoid salty ocean water, as this will corrode metal parts.
  • Never submerge remote control in water.
  • Never operate submarine without proper adult supervision.
  • Remove all batteries when notin use to avoid accidental operation.
  • Do not use people or animals as obstacles inside pool.
  • Do not run submarine into pool walls, objects or other hard surfaces, as this will cause damage to the submarine.
  • Keep fingers, hair and loose clothing away from the spinning propellers while the submarine is switched to “ON”.
  • Do not leave submarine or remote control near sources of heat or under direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • Do not leave submarine or remote control outside overnight.
  • Always remove submarine from water when notin use.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries.
  • Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable batteries.
  • Insert batteries using the correct polarity. Do not short-circuit the supply terminal.
  • Remove batteries when not in use. Recycle or dispose of exhausted batteries according to federal, state, and local laws. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire – they may leak or explode.
  • Only use manufacture specified battery(ies), charger(s) and/or adapter, if applicable, specified by the manufacturer.
  • Always use, replace, and recharge (if applicable) batteries under adult supervision

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 5 × 1000 cm
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Size : 28cm x 10cm x 10cm.
Order contains : 1 x RC Submarine.
1 X controler.

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