1/14 Scale Full Metal Komatsu WA470 RC Hydraulic Alloy Wheel Loader & All Metal Caterpillar CAT 980L RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader User Manual Leave a comment

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1/14 Scale Full Metal Komatsu WA470 RC Hydraulic Alloy Wheel Loader & All Metal Caterpillar CAT 980L RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader User Manual

Dear users,
In order to ensure that you can better experience the fun of this loader and let you know more about this loader, please be sure to read this manual. If you do not follow the instructions, the user shall be responsible for the consequences caused.

About the 2.4GHz remote control:

Press 3 seconds to turn on/off Button at the same time to Power.
Full Function of R/C Hydraulic Loader.
Direction control: (forward; backward; turn left; turn right) .
Loader engine sound, horn sound switch.
Loader headlight, dome light switch. 
Working arm control: (The big arm fall; The big arm rise; Bucket closed Bucket to put)
Cab ceiling lamp (work warning light) lighting mode switch.
Oil pump rotatio button (usually no need to operate).

I . types of batteries for loader and remote control:
1. Please use 4 #AA batteries for remote control.  Do not change the remote control Settings.
2. Recommended purchase of loader battery: 3S  5200mah; discharge above 25C, XT60 plug,  dimension 136* width 45* height within 35MM
3. It is recommended that players plug in the battery voltage alarm when using the machine, and the battery voltage of the machine should  not be lower than 11.1v, otherwise it is easy to  damage the battery.
II, loader switch machine sequence:
1. Loader startup sequence: turn on the remote  control power first, then turn on the machine  power, wait for 3 seconds, then press the start button, wait for about 3 seconds before operation.
2. Loader shutdown order: first press the “off”  button, then remove the battery, and finally turn  off the remote power supply (please be sure to use it in the above order, otherwise it may cause electrical adjustment and remote control program malfunction, causing unnecessary trouble).
III. Do not change any Settings of remote control.
IV. Hydraulic oil filling method :(note).
1. Please use normal 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil.
2. For the first use, please add 90ML-100ML32# anti-wear hydraulic oil.
3. In the process of playing, if you find that the action of the hydraulic cylinder sometimes exists, sometimes does not, please add the hydraulic oil at this time, the refueling quantity is: add to the bottle can suck out the oil until the air is the best, refer to the  figure below.
(attachment: the position of refueling port is inside the left rear wheel frame)

If too much hydraulic fluid  is added, this tube can be inserted into the tank to suck out the excess oil until the air is sucked out, at which point the amount of hydraulic fluid in the tank is the most standard.

VI. Hydraulic oil circuit diagram:

1. It is recommended to use 2.5-3mpa system pressure and 2.5mpa factory pressure (it already has a lot of power under this pressure)
2. The maximum pressure should not exceed 5Mpa, otherwise the pipe is likely to explode (it is recommended that players do not easily try, replacing the hydraulic tubing will be a big  project).
VII. Do not disassemble or change any circuit.
VI. About the setting of sound group:
1. Long press the forward channel to enter the  setting mode when the engine is off, and then set  according to the voice prompt (generally no setting is required, the factory has set it). Do not change the volume of the sound group.
2. Note: as the power of the sound group  amplifier is too large, the volume of the sound  group cannot be set to the maximum, otherwise the speaker will be burned (generally set to the second level).
3. If you find no sound in the sound group, please unplug the battery, turn off the remote control and restart the sound, then you can judge that the speaker is broken.
4. If the speaker is turned off unintentionally, repeat step 3 to restore the sound.

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